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Home of kitchen-raised (they all live in the house, on the couch, under my feet,  hogging the heater,  but get to go to my almost one acre back yard to play and have fun in often)  and very spoiled, Chinese Cresteds.



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DSCF0874Sparkle’s latest litter.



Yes, Cresteds smile!  And some have hair!  Who knew?  Oh, me.  That’s right!

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Never met a Chinese Crested?  Answering  “What kind of dog is that?” has made me many new friends.  They are small, unusual, smart, entertaining and will give you as pure a love as you can find.


This is the breed for long walks,  stick and ball chasing, entertaining the kids, learning anything you want to teach them,  making you laugh, and oh, do they love to cuddle.  They are sturdy enough for hours of play, and delicate enough for dressing up (if you desire).   All this in one active, adaptable, adorable body.

If you are already  a fan of the breed, welcome!




Long Road Kennel’s puppies are raised sociably  underfoot, with kids, dogs, cats, and, yes, sometimes chaos.   Personable, lovable,  adorable and smart.


I breed for temperament.  That is my most important factor.


Most of my puppies go home to be somone’s most beloved companion, and that is my most ideal home.   You want a puppy who is happy, easy going, easy to train, sociable, loving and will fit in well with your life, no matter how quiet or how active it is.   That is the puppy I am aiming for.  They all have their own personalities, but fit within those standards.








Would you like a puppy,  but worried about housebreaking?   Talk to me about getting a puppy with their housetraining well begun and their house manners introduced.


Older dogs rarely.



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About the Chinese Crested:

First of all – beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and once you behold one of these gorgeous little dogs racing across the lawn with the sheer joy of living, or look into their expressive eyes as they snuggle close to you, well, its going to be love.

Chinese Cresteds are small dogs,  seven to twelve pounds fully grown, ten to twelve inches tall.   Like some other breeds, they come in a couple different varieties.   Unlike some other breeds, their varieties are so different that people don’t believe you when you say, “yeah, they are the same kind.”   There are the powderpuffs.   Fluffy little bundles of joy.  The coat is soft, silky, and mostly non shedding.   They come in a variety of colors and its fun to see the differences.


3 week old Chinese Crested. SO cute!


The other variety is the kind that make people go WOW, or What is that?  And that’s the hairless kind.  They have some hair, on their heads, their feet and a plume of a tail.   (as a side note, many of the ‘hairless’ you see in show rings are shaved powderpuffs.  Most of the hairless don’t have that much thick hair).


Then there is a hairy hairless.   They have more hair than the hairless, but are easy to shave down if desired.  They don’t have a double coat, like the puffs, but have More hair.  One HHL mom said hers had a ‘mohawk’ with just a streak of  hair down her back.  funny!

All kinds are smart. They love their people and enjoy being with them, very much.  Any time I sit down on the couch, I will have three or more on my lap.   Any time I’m at the computer, there are several at my feet.  I always have company in the yard.

Unlike some small breeds, they are not excessive barkers, and if you are diligent, aren’t too hard to housebreak. They are elegant, small boned creatures and look like little deer running across the lawn.  They love to jump, and love to play.  They figure out what you want fairly quickly and will try to please you.   They are fairly sturdy, despite their elegance, and while care has to be given to make sure they don’t sunburn or freeze, they aren’t high maintenance.  These dogs make excellent companions for gentle children.  The Cresteds are also wonderful with older people, a long walk and some snuggles and they are happy dogs. Some can be trained for therapy dogs, and if you are interested or have a need for that, drop me a line.


About me:

I’ve been a dog trainer for a long time and have seen almost every breed come through either class or private lessons at one time or another. I’ve fallen in love with a lot of them. I grew up with collies, german shepherds, beagles and airedales, and naturally know all their foibles and charms. My late husband loved dachshunds and so we had several. Nothing better than a doxie snuggle. I love an Olde English Bulldog, but my paycheck has never had that many zeros following the first number.  Goldens and labs and doodles make me laugh. Wonderful personalities.

But one day, as I was driving home, listening to the radio, I heard the animal shelter lady say, “and we got a Chinese Crested today! I’d never seen one before!” I had.   I’d had several in class and just adored them.  Funny, unusual, sweet tempered, smart. I was at the shelter as soon and they opened and Odie came home with me, soon after. Yes, my first Crested was a rescue.

He was such a great dog, that when my husband passed away, I got Stella for my son.  He was 11,  having his ‘own’ dog gave him a sense of responsibility and someone to lavish love upon.