Long Road Kennel- Chinese Cresteds, Yorkshire Terriers, Mini Poodles, Yorkie-Poos




Home of kitchen-raised (they all live in the house, on the couch, under my feet,  hogging the heater,  but get to go to my almost one acre back yard to play and have fun in often)  and very spoiled, Chinese Cresteds, Yorkies, poodles, and Yorkie-poos.



Want to know who is ready to be homed?  Check out the blog page!  I yammer about the puppies all the time!

DSCF0874Sparkle’s latest litter.



Yes, Cresteds smile!  And some have hair!  Who knew?  Oh, me.  That’s right!





Never met a Chinese Crested?  Answering  “What kind of dog is that?” has made me many new friends.  They are small, unusual, smart, entertaining and will give you as pure a love as you can find.


This is the breed for long walks,  stick and ball chasing, entertaining the kids, learning anything you want to teach them,  making you laugh, and oh, do they love to cuddle.  They are sturdy enough for hours of play, and delicate enough for dressing up (if you desire).   All this in one active, adaptable, adorable body.

If you are already  a fan of the breed, welcome!

You already know about Yorkies and Min/Toy poodles.   They need no explanation, but I will send send pictures and explain anyway before they go home with you.   I’m that kind of breeder.



Long Road Kennel’s puppies are raised sociably  underfoot, with kids, dogs, cats, and, yes, sometimes chaos.   Personable, lovable,  adorable and smart.


I breed for temperament.  That is my most important factor.


Most of my puppies go home to be someone’s most beloved companion, and that is my most ideal home.   You want a puppy who is happy, easy going, easy to train, sociable, loving and will fit in well with your life, no matter how quiet or how active it is.   That is the puppy I am aiming for.  They all have their own personalities, but fit within those standards.








Would you like a puppy,  but worried about housebreaking?   Talk to me about getting a puppy with their house training well begun and their house manners introduced.


Older dogs rarely.



Contact me :     Katesdogs@live.com




3 week old Chinese Crested. SO cute!