4 Puppies!

by Kate on September 4, 2016

I have four puppies ready to go home now!   Pop over to the ‘available page to learn more information about them!   But they are pure bred Chinese Cresteds.    3 males and one female.       The males are from the same litter – Mighty Max, Super Sam, and Tiny Tim – and he is a tiny one – they are right at 8 weeks old now.    Tim is a puff and Max and Sam are very hairy- hairy hairless.  I don’t know any other way to describe them.  They have more hair than a hairy hairless – and they are not hairless or puffs…so – there you go.

DSCF0621 DSCF0622


The other is Miss Lily.   I’d thought of keeping her – but, things have changed recently.   As some of you know, I’ve been finally published in book length fiction.   Doing pretty well, and have decided to concentrate on that.   Plus I need to downsize sometime in the next year or so.   Yes, its that season of life.    So Miss Lily, as much as I adore her, needs to find a life long home.



In fact, I have several older dogs who need good homes.    Poodles and Cresteds.   I’ll be featuring one every day or so on the blog from here on out.   They might not home for much, but they will only go to great homes.    I will keep them before I will just pass the baton.   I need a life long commitment.   Some spayed/neutered.  Some not.   All have GREAT personalities.

I will probably have another litter or two, but overall.  I’m shutting down the dog business, except for part time.    Contact me for more information about any of this.     Kates5@ live.com is my email – and here is my latest book cover.  Comes out Wednesday!   Check it out on Amazon!


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